[Assignment Recommendation] “Y&S Condo, Eglinton Subway Station, 1+Den Unit, Assignment Recommendation !! Yonge / Eglinton(Soudan) ( 2161 Yonge St )

Y&S Condo –

Right in Front of Eglington Subway Entrance!


Coming soon in 2024, with the completion of the Eglington East-West subway line, the value of surrounding condos is expected to rise significantly.

Located right in front of the Eglington subway station, the “Y&S” condo by the esteemed “Tribute” construction company is garnering attention for its impeccable craftsmanship and design. The condos are currently under construction and are aiming for occupancy next year.

A highly attractive opportunity awaits those interested in residing or investing in the Eglington area. The units boast a fantastic layout and have been offered for Assignment at very reasonable prices.

This is a golden chance for families seeking convenient access to downtown using the Eglington subway, catering to university students and families with middle and high school students. Additionally, it’s an ideal residence for downtown Toronto’s university students and professionals, thanks to its proximity to transit and a vibrant lifestyle. It’s also a great opportunity for condo investment, considering factors like transportation, quality of life, and school districts.

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Eglington Area Overview:

The Eglington area is undergoing significant transformation with the ongoing construction of the East-West LRT subway line, set to be completed in 2024. Once finished, the Eglington subway station will undoubtedly become a central interchange hub for the entire Toronto region, solidifying its position as a core hub within Greater Toronto.

Beyond its transportation advantages, Eglington has long been a sought-after residential and educational hub. It’s traditionally considered a midtown central area with dedicated residential neighborhoods and is renowned for having Toronto’s top-ranked school districts, making it highly desirable for families seeking quality education for their children.

Due to the high prices of midtown homes, there has been a rapid shift in demand from houses to condos, making the Eglington area a hotspot for condo demand. Despite this demand, the supply of condos remains limited, driving up the desirability of the region.

With subway commutes of 20-30 minutes to downtown Toronto universities and even York University in North York and Vaughan, the location offers convenient access to various educational institutions.

In addition to the existing shopping and cultural facilities, the area is experiencing extensive development of new cultural, artistic, and convenience facilities. Commercial facilities are being developed around Eglington station and adjacent LRT stations, forming integrated above and below-ground shopping districts. As these developments near completion, the area is poised to become one of Toronto’s most well-connected and convenience-rich neighborhoods.

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Property Details:

  1. Location: Yonge / Eglinton (Soudan) – 2161 Yonge St
  2. Developer: Tribute
  3. Number of Floors: 36 floors

Assignment  Information:

  • Unit Type: 1+DEN + 1 bath
  • Exposure: North
  • Square Footage: 570 sq ft + Juliette balcony
  • The den can be converted into a bedroom using a sliding door.
  • The unit features an open concept layout with a spacious kitchen and bright living area.
  • No Parking, No Locker.
  • Initial Listing Price: $684,990
  • Asking Price: $729,000
  • Deposit Paid by Current Original Buyer: $137,000
  • Estimated Occupancy: 2025
















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