To young people… Youth! The infinite potential...

For their countless days to come…

Although these may be stories that have been heard before, let’s revisit them once more as they may be helpful once again.

I hope you will unfold endless dreams.

1. Challenge and Courage:
For us, especially for young people, the world is full of endless possibilities. Goals that can be easily achieved are just too small in our lives.

Most people easily give up and forget about things they think are difficult. However, those who have the courage to challenge eventually succeed. This is because they have a clear goal and drive, and there are not many competitors on that path.

Easy things or things that have already been done are competitive because anyone can try them. However, for difficult things that require courage and risk, there are not many competitors.

Start now. The path to success will be revealed through trial and error.

2. Experience:
Even without mentioning the Korean saying “you will suffer even if you buy it when you’re young,” the rich experiences we have when we’re young cannot be emphasized enough. This is especially true for challenging experiences that were difficult for ourselves.

Experiencing something once is far more useful than reading or hearing about it 100 times. Experience cultivates the power to cope with various changes and prepares many alternatives to solve problems when faced with them.

“Diverse experiences” will be a great asset to your future.

3. Love:
When asked many successful people, they all say that “making other people happy” has always been the foundation of their lives, regardless of what they were doing. The same passion applied to their jobs and businesses resulted in their success.

It is essential to accumulate numerous experiences, have the courage to challenge oneself, but if the heart of that person is not filled with love, none of those things will last long.

Love yourself, the people around you, and everything. If you cannot do it, practice consciously and continuously.

The beginning of everything you want to achieve is “love.”


Ian Kim
Sales Representative