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To those who are preparing to immigrate or study abroad The future of an immigrant is determined by who comes to greet them at the airport?

All immigrants who are preparing for immigration or living here have heard this phrase at least once, and some have either secretly agreed or passed it off as a joke or a silly remark.

When I meet newcomers or international students and recommend housing to them, I often have surprising moments. While it’s fortunate to think that their future can change in a very desirable direction with just one word from me, on the other hand, there are also times when it’s worrying.

When you have to make a major decision and start to take in fragmented or incorrect information in your head without any knowledge at all, it becomes difficult.

These days, there are many unfiltered information about Canada on the internet, and there are many erroneous information that are based on the uploader’s personal thoughts or various interests, so it seems that those who come across them without knowing them are often imprinted with them as correct information.

Many people who are armed with such internet information and come here feel quite embarrassed and confused after hearing and seeing practical information about this place on the ground.

As important as the person who first greets you at the airport, the first decision that an initial immigrant makes is very important. Once you make a decision and come here, it is not easy to change or move it (because there are many complex factors involved).

There are so many things to decide as soon as you come here. Here are three of the most important ones as an example.

1) Schools – schools with ESL programs, schools without ESL programs / private schools and public schools / Catholic and general public schools / different levels of each school / schools with a large number of special national students / schools with particularly strong art programs, etc.

2) Residential areas – transportation / distance to schools and business areas / neighborhoods with good and bad reputations / neighborhoods with a high concentration of a particular race, condos / potential for future development, etc.

3) Business – type of industry / budget / scale / location / total number of employees / revenue, etc.

These three basic items are interconnected like a spider web and cannot be freely decided without considering each other. If a wrong decision is made, these three items must be completely changed and all related matters must be changed as well. It is a waste of time and resources.

Small decisions necessary for settling down, such as purchasing a car, getting insurance, selecting a bank, or getting a health card, do not make a big difference no matter where you get information from. However, when it comes to schools, residential areas, and your own business, you need to be cautious.

It is a good idea to come here and gather information and prepare, but it is much easier to move forward if you make big decisions and prepare in advance before coming here. I dare say that it is important to have the courage and positive attitude to deal with any situation and practice it in multiple ways while obtaining accurate information and preparing yourself.

Courage is highly valued here in Canadian society as well. Even respected. It is natural that some people may not speak English well here, and everyone recognizes that. Even if you are not fluent in English, it is important to have the confidence to pursue your goals like a fire and push forward! I think this is a vague but perhaps the only way.

The first button! This is a statement that cannot be emphasized enough.

Collect and organize a lot of information and move forward with your work. Among them, information from locals who have a good understanding of the various advantages and disadvantages in the area will be a valuable resource.


Ian Kim
Sales Representative