Toronto Real Estate: December 1st, New listings by region in GTA


This is a new listing of properties for the Greater Toronto Area for this week (Nov 25 – Dec 1). If you click on the areas of interest below, you can view the listings in order from the lowest to highest price. New listings come out every week, so be sure to print or take note of the MLS number or address of any properties you’re interested in and contact us at 416-554-8949 or or on Kakao (mybesthome).

If you want to see a property in person, please let us know the MLS number (located under the left-side photo of the listing) or the property address in the “Request a Showing” section above, and we will provide you with detailed information about the property and consultation during your visit.

– The properties listed here are all new listings and are indicated by a red MLS number. However, if a property is sold under certain conditions over time, the number will change to green, and once sold completely, it will be removed from the listing. If the number is green, you can assume that the property has been sold.

When looking for properties, you may notice some that seem significantly cheaper than those around them. These are often properties listed at a lower price than the market value with the goal of generating interest and bidding competition, leading to a sale at a much higher price than the listing price. If you’re interested in such properties, please let us know so we can check whether an offer is scheduled for the property.


Ian Kim