Selling a house

1. Preparing for Sale

2. Selection of a Real Estate Agent

It is recommended to choose a real estate agent who can be trusted for their honesty and diligence in the first, second, and last stages of the transaction, who has a deep understanding of the real estate market, and who can thoroughly prepare by understanding the perspective of the buyer. Additionally, it is recommended to choose an agent who can proactively market through various advertising channels beyond MLS listings.

At MyBestHome, we strive to achieve the best possible sale price by utilizing not only the MLS listings, but also Korean real estate networks, foreign markets, and our network of thousands of MyBestHome VIP members.

3. Objective assessment and preparation

Take measures to remove unpleasant smells (such as old, musty smells, carpets, and food odors) and ensure that there is a faint fragrance in the house.

The kitchen and bathroom are the first places that buyers look at, so make them look as spacious as possible and consider improvements in materials, lighting, and flooring.

Choosing the right paint color can increase the value of your home more than ten times the cost of the paint itself. It’s also important to consider color harmony and finishing.

Improvements in flooring materials such as hardwood or decorative molding on the ceiling can ultimately result in greater profits.

Easily noticeable items such as old doorknobs or rusty or outdated faucets should be repaired or replaced with higher-quality ones.

For luxury homes or estates, landscaping may need to be redone or improved, and for general homes, minimal expenses can be used to maintain the garden (such as managing grass, removing weeds, pruning trees, and trimming flower bed borders) and create a professional-looking garden by using items such as rocks, gravel, topsoil, and colorful mulch.

Get rid of unnecessary items that are not needed for decoration (especially family photos) to make the house look more spacious, and prepare decorative items such as harmony, potted plants, sculptures, and decorative frames that can help attract buyers.

4. Showing Preparation

When there’s no one in the house, people who come to see it can comfortably admire every corner of the house with ease of mind. For this, installation of a lock box is necessary.

Getting rid of unnecessary items makes the house look more spacious, brighter, and easier to move around for people who come to see it. Also, a tidy appearance shows the etiquette of the house.

When decorative furniture, frames, plants, and accessories are arranged properly, people who come to see the house can have happy dreams of “I can live like this if I move to this house.”

Definitely eliminate any bad odors – essential! essential! essential! Prepare the fragrance of natural scents.

Brighten up all visible places and play soft music to calm people’s minds and make them feel grateful for the sincerity.