[Upcoming Pre-Sale] Platinum pre-sale for “BRAVO at Festival”, a condo located near Vaughan subway station, is coming soon. Hwy 7 / Interchange Way ( 10 Interchange Way )

Connected directly to downtown Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area, the center of Vaughan, Hub-VMC, is the most innovative area that is developing rapidly!

To the south of VMC, the Menkes, a synonym for modern residential complexes, is developing 30 residential and office buildings on a huge site in South VMC over a period of 15 years. The first and second pre-sales for the Festival condominium complex were sold out very quickly in 2021. Now, the third pre-sale, “BRAVO at Festival,” will soon begin.

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[Description of the entire South VMC complex]

  • A 160-acre huge site just a 3-minute walk south of the Metro subway station
  • Built by Menkes, a synonym for modern architecture
  • A 15-year plan consisting of 18 condominium buildings, 30 townhouses, 300,000 sf of commercial space, and office facilities
  • A large community center equipped with a 5-acre playground, park, tennis court, gym, basketball court, etc. is located here.
  • The Mobilio condominium complex with 3 buildings has been sold out, and the townhouses are currently being sold in the complex.

[Festival Condominium Complex]

  • Located in the center of the entire complex, the closest to the subway station (a 3-minute walk from VMC South subway station)
  • 5 minutes to York University by subway, 15 minutes to Yorkdale Mall, 30 minutes to the University of Toronto
  • Adjacent to Highway 400, 407, and the YRT central exclusive lane, a transportation hub
  • Consists of 4 buildings, and the second and third pre-sales are for 66 and 55 floors respectively, with a total of 1,200 units.



The development of Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) is a massive project, with City of Vaughan and York Region jointly developing the downtown of Vaughan. Various buildings such as office buildings, convention centers, cultural and art facilities, hotels, and shopping malls will be built.

As the development takes shape, it will become the only Toronto living area among surrounding cities in the Greater Toronto Area thanks to the opening of the subway to Toronto!

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1. Location: Hwy 7 / Interchange Way (1 Commerce St Vaughan)

2. Developer: Menkes & QuadReal

3. Scale: 2 towers out of 4, 66 and 55 floors, with a total of 1,200 units.

4. Sales information: Will be released soon.






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