[Including Parking – Big Incentvies – 10% Down Payment] Downtown Toronto “XO” Condo pre-sale !! King St W / Dufferin, Southwest corner ( 1221 King St W )

[Recommendation]: Currently, all types of real estate, including townhouses, houses, and condominiums, in the entire Greater Toronto Area and small surrounding cities are rapidly rising in a competitive bidding format.
It is a well-known fact that once the prices of houses and townhouses are upgraded, as they have been, the prices of existing condos and condo pre-sales will also rise significantly, just like a few years ago.
Rather than buying existing real estate, which is uncertain and expensive due to the price explosion, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to purchase valuable and affordable condo pre-sales before their prices rise significantly, which can be predicted in advance.





King West !!, Liberty Village !!

Now it has become a new cultural and residential complex that is somewhat well-known just by its name, particularly preferred by young individuals.

In the King West area, specifically in the Liberty Village neighborhood, at the southwest corner of King St and Dufferin St (right next to Dufferin-King Park), the strikingly renowned condominium developer “Lifetime” is constructing the “XO” Condos, which is now available for platinum pre-sales with exceptional incentives.




Liberty Village is the top choice for young couples,



working professionals, and university students. It is an area characterized by its vibrant Entertainment District, including the Fashion District and Art and Design District.

With the TTC on King St, residents have convenient access to downtown Toronto, as well as easy commutes to the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, OCAD, and George Brown College via streetcars or buses. The nearby “Exhibition” GO Station is within walking distance, and accessing the Gardiner Expressway and Lakeshore Blvd is incredibly convenient.


( Transit Score : 100/100   Walk Score : 96/100 )

Furthermore, the immediate proximity to King-Dufferin Park offers an excellent residential setting with easy access to park facilities in the heart of the city. The beautiful Ontario Lake is easily reachable on foot, providing opportunities for relaxation and leisure. Additionally, residents can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and diverse nightlife of King West and Liberty Village.

For families with children attending downtown universities or working professionals, as well as those who appreciate an active lifestyle or are interested in rental investments, this presents an unparalleled opportunity.

Considering its location, developer reputation, and overall quality, we highly recommend the XO Condos for both residential living and investment purposes.





Especially for this platinum additional pre-sale, there are the following remarkable platinum incentives available..

( Effectively reduces the starting price by $103,500!)

Free Parking ($80,000 Savings)
Free Locker ($8,500 Savings)
10% Deposit until Occupancy
Development Charge: Limited to $0




As for the new condominium information, among the confirmed 53KM Greater Toronto SmartTrack subway line, which connects Mississauga-Downtown (Union)-Scarborough-Markham, two of the six confirmed stations will be located in downtown. “Spadina-Front” station and “King-Liberty” station will be constructed in close proximity to the “XO” Condos, within a 4-minute walk. This significantly enhances the investment potential and visibility of the “XO” Condos.


( Transit Score : 100/100   Walk Score : 96/100 )


Additionally, the “XO” Condos offer special amenities that go beyond the typical exercise, yoga, barbecue, and party rooms found in other condominiums. They include facilities tailored for young couples with children, such as an indoor children’s playground, as well as exercise and study rooms like the Spin Room and Think Tank, which incorporate young people’s ideas and provide spaces for meetings and study. Another advantage of these facilities is their innovative layout, where all amenities seamlessly connect to outdoor spaces, allowing for shared outdoor activities.


Please make sure not to miss this excellent opportunity and let us know in advance.

Condominium investment #1 – Downtown!





1. Location: Corner of King St W and Dufferin (1221 King St W)
2. Developer: Lifetime Development
3. Scale: 14 floors, 300 units.

4. Sale Information:



(Click!!) If you click the blue link below, you can view floor plans, brochures, and detailed information.

View XO Condos Brochure

View XO Condo Floor Plans







5. Parking: Free ($80,000 Savings)

6. Locker: Free (Above Ground: $8,500, Underground: $6,500 Savings)

7. Occupancy: Scheduled for 2023

8-1. Deposit and Interim Payments (for residents) (10% until occupancy)
Deposit: $5,000
30 days after signing: 5% – $5,000 (deposit)
January 9, 2023: 5%
Upon occupancy: 2%
Upon registration: 88%

8-2. Deposit and Interim Payments (for foreigners)
Deposit: $5,000
30 days after signing: 10% – $5,000 (deposit)
January 10, 2022: 10%
January 9, 2023: 10%
Upon occupancy: 5%
Upon registration: 65%

9. Platinum Incentives (Effectively reduces the starting price by $103,500!)
Free Parking ($80,000 Savings)
Free Locker ($8,500 Savings)
10% Deposit until Occupancy
Development Charge: Limited to $0



** Highlight !!

  •  가격대비 랜트 수익율 #1 지역.
  • 젊은 부부, 직장인, 대학생 거주 선호 #1 지역!!
  • SmartTrack “King-Liberty”역, 도보 4분
  • King West, Liberty Village !!
  • 젊음의 지역, Entertainment District.
  • Fashion District, Art and Design District.
  • 24 시간 Street Car, TTC
  • 토론토대, 라이어슨대, OCAD 편리한 통학
  • 콘도 바로 옆 공원으로 최상의 주거조건
  • Exhibition Go Station, 온타리오 호수 도보이용,
  • 14층 300세대, Lifetime 시공, 럭셔리  콘도
  • 실내 어린이놀이터, Think Tank, Spin Room



Spin Room

Think Tank




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