[10% Down Payment] Midtown Luxury Condo Town, “SAVILE on the Roe” Platinum pre-sale!! Pleasant Rd & Eglinton Ave E ( 413 Roehampton Avenue, Toronto)

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Mt Pleasant !!

A beautiful residential area that residents in Toronto consider as a dreamy place to live at least once!

With excellent living convenience, transportation, school district, and residential environment, it is a beautiful area that guarantees an exceptional quality of life.

In the heart of that area, the top-tier luxury townhome “SAVILE on the Roe” has commenced platinum pre-sales.

Inspired by the iconic London street that has been synonymous with luxury since the late 18th century, this collection of homes is intricately designed to suit the finest lifestyle. Located in one of the most upscale areas in Toronto, these elegant and luxurious homes are crafted for a select few.





Limited to 28 lavish residences offering a classic charm amidst a vibrant downtown. Abundant with upscale amenities such as designer boutiques, delightful restaurants, gourmet pubs, various cafes, salons and spas, art galleries, and cinemas.




Conveniently situated near public transportation, including the Eglinton subway station, and in perfect proximity to Toronto’s Midtown. Adjacent to the new East-West subway (Eglinton Crosstown LRT). Nestled in Toronto’s Mount Pleasant area, just minutes away from the bustling and popular intersection of Yonge and Eglinton.





Nature’s beauty surrounds with gardens, valleys, wooded areas, parks, and playgrounds all within close reach. Dog parks, water playgrounds, community centers, and abundant recreational opportunities.



The best area, the best environment, and a select few individuals!









1.Location: Pleasant Rd & Eglinton Ave E ( 413 Roehampton Avenue, Toronto)
2.Developer: Block Development + Tiffany
3.Number of floors: 28 units, Luxury Residence

4.Details :



( Click here!! ) SAVILE – View the brochure

( Click hre!! ) SAVILE on thr Roe – View the floor plan


Suite Suite Type Collection Floors Suite Size Outdoor Area Total Area Price Floorplan
112 2B Avenue 1-Storey 920 0 920 $1,449,990.00 Old Compton
108 3B Garden 2-Storey 2285 955 3240 $3,199,990.00 Bond
109 3B+D Garden 2-Storey 1959 1301 3260 $3,099,990.00 Harley
206 3B+D Terrace 2-Storey 2091 439 2530 $3,199,990.00 Whitehall
208 4B Terrace 2-Storey 2405 407 2812 $3,399,990.00 Savile Row




5.Parking: $89,990 (Discounted from $112,000)

6.Locker: $11,400 (Discounted from $15,000)

7.Maintenance Fee: $0.34/sf

8.Occupancy Date: August 2023


9.Deposit and Interim Payments (Total 10%)

At the time of contract: $10,000 (Bank Draft)
30 days after contract: 2.5% – Deposit ($10,000)
365 days after contract: 2.5%
540 days after contract: 2.5%
730 days after contract: 2.5%
Upon occupancy: 5%
Upon registration: 85%

10.Platinum Incentives
Up to $32,500 Upgrade
2 years of free maintenance
10% interim payment within 2 years
Free assignment fee (Worth $10,000)
Rent allowed from occupancy to registration
Parking discount: $89,990 (Discounted from $112,000)
Locker discount: $11,400 (Discounted from $15,000)
Development levies cap (2-bedroom and den: $16,000, 3-bedroom and above: $18,000)

We will take responsibility for issuing and providing the necessary mortgage pre-approval documents upon contract signing.








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