North York Sheppard West subway station, “WEST LINE” condo platinum pre-sale !! Sheppard W / Allen Rd ( 1100 Sheppard Ave W )

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orth York, the largest residential area for Koreans!

In the heart of North York, close to Sheppard West subway station with excellent accessibility,

Platinum pre-sales are underway for “WEST LINE” condos, built by CenterCourt, known for quality construction with minimal occupancy and construction delays.

We highly recommend this condo as a high-investment property in a great location.

1. Extremely convenient transportation

Adjacent to Sheppard West subway station
9-minute walk to Downsview Park subway station and Go Train station (direct non-stop access to Union Station downtown)
4-minute walk to Downsview Park
7-minute subway ride to York University
6-minute subway ride to Yorkdale Shopping Mall
20-minute subway ride to University of Toronto
22-minute subway ride to downtown Yorkville
30-minute subway ride to Union Station, 10-minute direct access via Go Train
12-minute TTC ride to Sheppard-Yonge and Finch stations
With the opening of the Eglington East-West subway line in 2022, any area in Toronto will be within 30 minutes of reach.




2. 1000-acre Redevelopment Master Plan Community

Located in a residential area of a massive 1000-acre redevelopment master plan community, including the closed Downsview Airport and Downsview Park.
Comprised of residential, commercial, business, park, community center, school, and cultural facilities, forming a large-scale community.
Consists of 8 communities
A total of 1000 acres of land, 42,000 residents, 25,000 new jobs (5 times the current), and 291 acres of newly developed parks.




3. Expected to benefit greatly from the adjacent and highly active 520-acre Northcrest Lands, the largest development area.

With the closure of the nearby Downsview Airport and the confirmation of a high-density redevelopment plan for the massive 520-acre site, a complex plan combining government investment in business areas and private investment in residential and commercial areas is expected to create a large number of new jobs and rental demand. This creates very favorable conditions for investment in residential complexes such as condos or townhouses in the surrounding area.





Convenient transportation with subway access within 30 minutes to York University, University of Toronto, and Yorkdale Mall, as well as any location in the Greater Toronto Area!
Expected to benefit greatly from the massive 1000-acre redevelopment master plan, with significant development advantages and investment effects.
Very convenient for the commute of 55,000 students at York University.
Utilization of the massive 291-acre Downsview Park as the backyard.









1.Location: Sheppard W / Allen Rd ( 1100 Sheppard Ave W )
2.Developer: CentreCourt Developments
3.Scale: 14 floors, 424 units

4. Details :


(Click!!) If you click on the link below, you can see each detailed floor plan.

.West Line – View the brochure

Westline – View the floor plan


Suite # Model Unit Type Sq. Ft. View Price PSF
333 WESTLINE632 1B+D 632 North-East $806,990 $1,277
531 WESTLINE632 1B+D 632 Noth-East $808,990 $1,280
507 WESTLINE632 1B+D 632 North-West $810,990 $1,283
807 WESTLINE632 1B+D 632 North-West $814,990 $1,290
LPH29 WESTLINE632 1B+D 632 North-East SOLD  
229 WESTLINE650 1B+D 650 West SOLD  
103 WESTLINE650-P 1B+D 650 East $761,990 $1,172
121 WESTLINE674-P 1B+D 674 West $768,990 $1,141
125 WESTLINE687-P 2B 687 North-West SOLD  
220 WESTLINE736 2B 736 South $833,990 $1,133
217 WESTLINE750 2B 750 South $838,990 $1,119
219 WESTLINE750 2B 750 South $838,990 $1,119
112 WESTLINE750-P 2B 750 South $846,990 $1,129
336 WESTLINE792 Jr. 2B 792 North-East $832,990 $1,052
LPH31 WESTLINE792 Jr. 2B 792 North-East $875,990 $1,106
605 WESTLINE808 Jr. 2B 808 North-West SOLD  
1005 WESTLINE808 Jr. 2B 808 North-West $864,990 $1,071
1105 WESTLINE808 Jr. 2B 808 North-West SOLD  
126 WESTLINE900-P 2B+D 900 North-East $919,990 $1,022
101 WESTLINE1013-P 3B 1013 North-West $1,019,990 $1,007




5.Parking: $60,000 (Discounted from $70,000), EV Parking Available.

6.Locker: Waitlist.

7.Occupancy: Scheduled for 2025.

8-1. Deposit and Interim Payments.

Deposit: $10,000 (Bank Draft).
30 days after signing: 5% – $10,000 (Deposit).
120 days after signing: 5%.
300 days after signing: 2.5%.
400 days after signing: 2.5%.
600 days after signing: 2.5%.
720 days after signing: 2.5%.
Upon occupancy: 0.
Upon registration: 80%.

8-2. Interim Payments for Foreign Buyers: 35% Interim Payment Schedule.

9.Platinum Incentives.
No assignment fees (with a $5,000 discount).
Discounted parking at $60,000 (originally $70,000).
Development levy capped at $12,000 for 1-bedroom and den or smaller units, and $15,000 for 2-bedroom or larger units.
Responsible for providing mortgage pre-approval documents at the time of signing.




• 424 Suites
• Expansive Double-Height Lobby
• 24-Hour Concierge Service
• Automated Parcel Storage
• 12,000 sq. ft. of Indoor and Outdoor Lifestyle Amenities
o Pet Spa
o Fitness Centre
 Cardio, Weight-Training, Circuit Training, Yoga/Stretch Area and Bouldering Wall
o 14th Level:
 Indoor: Lounge with Bar, Private Meeting Rooms, Children’s Playroom,
Entertainment Area and Cantina
 Rooftop Outdoor: Entertainment Lounge with Games, BBQ Dining, Children’s



















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