[Pre-con sale Begins, 15% Deposit] Pre-con sale of “Thompson Towers” Condos/Townhomes in Milton Starts!! Thompson Rd S / Drew Centre ( 130 Thompson Rd S )

[Recommendation]: Currently, due to the high mortgage interest rates in Canada, purchasing existing homes or condos through a mortgage significantly lowers their investment potential. On the other hand, there is a high possibility that the mortgage interest rates for closing on pre-sale condos, which will occur in 4-7 years, will be much lower than they are now. If interest rates decrease, real estate prices are likely to increase significantly.
If you are considering an investment, it is advisable to receive pre-sale condos at a lower budget rather than purchasing existing properties (condos) at high interest rates. This way, you can benefit from future substantial price appreciation and generate significant investment returns with a lower mortgage. We strongly recommend taking advantage of predictable, affordable, and valuable pre-sale condo opportunities before the prices rise further.
Now is the time to actively consider pre-sale investments rather than purchasing existing properties.



Milton !!

Milton has grown into a new hub city in the western Greater Toronto Area!

For the past 30 years,
When waves of new immigrants flocked in,
The Oakville residents of Toronto Canadians who resided in Oakville gave a portion of Oakville to immigrants,
And Milton, which gradually transformed into a new home,
Now boasts an environment and educational infrastructure comparable to Oakville,
With a high population growth,
It has established itself as a thriving city and is progressing admirably as a hub city in the western Greater Toronto Area.

In the central area of Milton, Greenpark,
a construction company, has introduced the “Thompson Towers” condo development and has started the platinum pre-sale with a beautiful appearance.

It boasts an excellent location in terms of its location, surrounding natural environment, amenities, and transportation.

We hope you seize the opportunity for the most affordable platinum pre-sale.


1. Transportation

  • Adjacent to Milton Go Station (3-minute walk)
  • Shopping center within a 4-minute walk
  • Hwy 401 within a 4-minute drive
  • Hwy 407 within a 15-minute drive
  • Lake Ontario within a 20-minute drive




2. Surrounding Living Environment

  • Adjacent to Milton Go Station (3-minute walk)
  • Shopping center within a 4-minute walk
  • Hwy 401 within a 4-minute drive
  • Hwy 407 within a 15-minute drive
  • Lake Ontario within a 20-minute drive




3. Condo Indoor Living

  • Thompson’s Club on the 3rd floor
  • Various excellent facilities including a swimming pool, walking track, garden, sports court, sauna, and children’s playground
  • Recreation room with a fireplace, space for dinner parties, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, yoga studio, and more
  • Indoor swimming pool lounge adjacent to the outdoor amenities space offering breathtaking views, a wet bar, and ample seating areas
  • Access to the track, sports court, beautifully landscaped garden, and grounds
  • Private dining suite for special moments like gatherings or family parties
  • Fitness facilities and yoga studio for health and well-being
  • Theater room for private screenings of favorite movies, TV shows, or sports events
  • Game room with classic arcade games, pool table, and other table tennis games
  • Two guest suites.



4. Comfort and Safety Facilities

  • Professional concierge service
  • Individually adjustable heating/cooling system
  • Energy-efficient thermal windows and “thermally broken” aluminum frames
  • Sliding glass doors with screens or swing doors, connecting to external balconies and/or terraces as per plan
  • Suites equipped with emergency voice communication system, smoke detectors, and sprinkler protection system
  • Non-combustible rated suite entry doors and privacy viewers
  • Access control devices at main building entrance and underground parking
  • Cameras installed at selected locations (entrance, parking, etc.) connected to the concierge
  • Suites with individual metering for hydro and water usage
  • Suite intelligence package
  • Leak detection system within the suite.



1. Location: Thompson Rd S / Drew Centre (130 Thompson Rd S)

2. Developer: Greenpark Group & Trinity Point

3. Scale: Phase 1 Spring Tower (1 out of 3 total condominium buildings)

4. Sale Details (Spring Tower)

View Thompson Towers Brochure

View Thompson Towers Materials and Finishes

View Thompson Towers Full Floor Plans

Thompson Towers Brochure

Thompson Towers Materials and Finishes

Thompson Towers Full Floor Plans

** Price List


** Hot List


5. Parking: $10,000 (Discounted from $30,000, available for purchase with all units)

6. Locker: 1 locker included with all units

7. Estimated Occupancy: Scheduled to begin in January 2026

8. Deposit and Interim Payments

Deposit: $5,000 30 days after deposit: 5% – $5,000 (deposit) 200 days after deposit: 2.5% 365 days after deposit: 2.5% 560 days after deposit: 2.5% 680 days after deposit: 2.5% Upon occupancy: 5% Upon registration: 80%

9. Platinum Incentives

  • 1 Free Locker

  • Parking: $10,000 (Discounted from $30,000)

  • Waived assignment fee

  • Rental permitted from occupancy until registration

  • Development levy capped at $7,500 for all units

  • Responsible issuance of required mortgage pre-approval documents at the time of contract


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• Before signing a contract

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