[Pre-sale coming soon] Platinum pre-sale of “4800 Yonge” condo at Sheppard subway station, North York! Yonge St / Sheppard Ave W (4800 Yonge St) Yonge St / Sheppard Ave W ( 4800 Yonge St )


The center of our Korean community, North York!

The beautiful mixed-use condo “4800 Yonge”, which is known as the #1 modern architecture by Menkes construction company, located right next to Sheppard subway station, the busiest transfer station in North York, will soon be available for pre-sale.

If you are considering investing in a condo in North York or buying one for your child, please don’t miss this opportunity.

The location and construction company of “4800 Yonge” are both well known and highly regarded.



It is very convenient for commuting to York University with direct bus stops and numerous bus routes as well as being able to use Sheppard subway station immediately, which is the central transfer station in North York.

In addition to public transportation such as subway stations and bus stops,
it is also very convenient for daily life with easy access to Highway 401 and newly renovated Sheppard Mall, Empress mall, Fairview mall, Centerpoint Mall and more.

This convenient location in the center of North York where all these convenient facilities are concentrated and the best construction company will keep the value of the condo very high and stable in the future.

We recommend that you prepare early.

It will be an opportunity that can provide maximum satisfaction in all aspects from good environment for children’s university commuting and marriage to Korean residential area, family residence, retirement and investment effect.





1. Location: Yonge St / Sheppard Ave W (4800 Yonge St)
2. Construction company: Menkes
3. Number of floors: 49 floors

4. Pre-sale details: Coming Soon!


If you are waiting for pre-sale as an investment in a condo in North York or buying one for your child or other residential purposes, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately.

Early application for pre-sale is very advantageous.
















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