[7.5% Deposit – Including Parking – Lakeside Location – Go Train Station] Pre-Sale of “Water’s Edge” at the Cove Condos in Toronto’s Lakeside Park!! Lake Shore Blvd W / Marine Parade Dr ( 2147 Lake Shore Blvd W)

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Located on the west side of downtown Toronto, nestled beside a beautiful waterfront park with stunning views of Lake Ontario and the downtown skyline, “Water’s Edge at the Cove” by the renowned builder “Conservatory Group” has launched its platinum additional pre-sale.

Situated in the sought-after “Humber Bay” area, known for its expansive condo communities and the picturesque Humber Bay Park, this development offers a tranquil and high-quality residential living experience while being close to downtown.

While downtown is often seen as a bustling area primarily catering to university students, young professionals, and investors with its busy high-rise condo districts, Humber Bay condo community provides a more relaxed atmosphere, scenic surroundings, and spacious parks. It offers a high-quality living environment that attracts families, working professionals, students, and individuals from diverse backgrounds to reside in this large mixed-use condo community.


***Behind the Water’s Edge condo development, the “Park Lawn” Go Train subway station is planned to be built.

The construction of the “Park Lawn” subway station, which will connect to downtown (Union Station) via Go Train, had its environmental assessment and public consultations held in August. After a few more rounds of public consultations and reviews by the authorities this year, the impact assessment process will be concluded by January 2022.

Once the Park Lawn-Go Train subway station is established, the accessibility of public transportation will be fully resolved (within 10 minutes to downtown Union Station). As a result, the quality of life in the Park Lawn-Humber Bay residential community will undoubtedly surpass that of any other area in Toronto.



Not only transportation but also shopping and other amenities are well-established in this perfectly designed mixed-use condo community. With the completion stage approaching, alongside the Go Train subway station, it is attracting significant popularity not only among regular households but also among downtown students and professionals due to its convenient transportation, comfortable and upscale living environment, and affordable housing costs.

As you may know, the prices of downtown condos have been soaring lately, making the condo developments in the Humber Bay area with excellent transportation to downtown a viable alternative.

In particular, many of Toronto’s condos do not offer parking options for one-bedroom units, causing inconvenience. However, “Water’s Edge” condos include parking for all units, providing a significant advantage for even small unit owners to enjoy a convenient lifestyle.


The payment schedule of 7.5% to 10% before occupancy allows for more flexible financial preparation, and it also offers great investment potential.

Furthermore, this opportunity comes with remarkable incentives, including free parking for all units, free locker, free blinds, and more. Don’t miss out on this chance!


With breathtaking views of Lake Ontario, a residential environment next to the waterfront park, convenient transportation to downtown, and excellent lifestyle amenities, this comprehensive mixed-use residential complex is ideal for both living and investment.


It offers a quality and prestigious landscape along the beautiful Ontario Lake shoreline.


Adjacent to the condo, the upcoming Go Train will provide easy and fast access to downtown for commuting and school purposes. Moreover, stepping out of the condo, you can safely connect to the vast and beautiful waterfront park, upscale patio restaurants, shops, trails, and immerse yourself in the stunning lake views.

Currently, there are very few options other than Water’s Edge condos that offer the opportunity to enjoy such a beautiful high-quality lakefront landscape.



We highly recommend taking a look and considering this outstanding opportunity!







1. Location : Lake Shore Blvd W / Marine Parade Dr ( 2147 Lake Shore Blvd W )
2. Developer : Conservatory Group
3. Scale : 58 floors, 563 units.

4. Sales Details (Parking included for 1+den units and above)



(Click) If you press below, you can see detailed materials such as floor plans and brochures. (The East View faces the lake)

View Water’s Edge Brochure
View Water’s Edge Site Plan

View Water’s Edge – Floor Plans


(Parking included for 1+den units and above)




5. Parking: Included in the purchase price for all units with a minimum area of 500 sq ft.

6. Locker: Included in the purchase price for all units.

7. Occupancy Scheduled: Fall 2023.

8-1. (Newport Model) Deposit and Interim Payments (7.5% before occupancy)
At the time of contract: 2.5%
After 120 days of the contract: 2.5%
After 365 days of the contract: 2.5%
Upon occupancy: 12.5%
Upon registration: 80%

8-2. (Other Models) Deposit and Interim Payments (Newport Model, 10% before occupancy)
At the time of contract: $5,000
After 30 days of the contract: 5% – $5,000 (deposit)
After 180 days of the contract: 2.5%
After 365 days of the contract: 2.5%
Upon occupancy: 10%
Upon registration: 80%

8-3. Deposit and Interim Payments (Non-residents, Foreigners)
At the time of contract: $10,000
After 30 days of the contract: 10% – $10,000 (deposit)
After 120 days of the contract: 10%
After 270 days of the contract: 10%
After 540 days of the contract: 5%
Upon registration: 65%

9. Platinum Benefits
Cost-free assignment (usually $5,000)
Free parking (for units with an area of 500 sq ft or more)
Free locker
Limited Development Charges (Cap) (1+den: $7,500, 2-bedroom or more: $10,000)
Rental permitted after occupancy
Free blind installation
Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash
Responsibility for issuing the required mortgage Pre-Approval documents after the contract

10. Highlights
9-foot high ceilings
Indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna, fitness center, yoga studio, game room, billiards room, theater, party room, bar, lounge, dining room, terrace, library, pet grooming room…


-Located on the shores of Humber Bay
-Easy access to endless expanses of walking and cycling trails
-Close to shopping, dining and entertainment
-Many nearby public transportation options
-Nearby parks include Marine Parade Drive, Grand Avenue Park and Manchester Park

























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