The centre of downtown Toronto, “Concord Sky” condo platinum pre-sale!! Yonge / Gerrard ( 383 Yonge St )


Last fall in 2018, a “YSL” condo was up for sale in the downtown area, but the sales were halted due to the situation with the construction company Cresford. However, Concord took over and the pre-sale of the “Concord Sky” platinum started again.

Among the condos currently on sale, there is no better location in downtown Toronto than the Concord Sky condo. It will be the most valuable 95-story condo in terms of condo value.

It is the pride of Toronto to own the most representative condo! Highly recommended! Please let us know immediately if you are interested.

Since the location is excellent and well-known, many people have been interested since the first pre-sale announcement.


The location is in the center of Yonge/College/Dundas, which has the highest population and is the most desirable residential area in downtown. From design to interior facilities and other specifications, everything has been upgraded to a high standard, making it a highly valuable investment asset.

We recommend that those interested inform us as early as possible to secure their spot.


363-391 Yonge St

Connected directly to Ryerson University

Easy access to both College and Dundas subway stations

With plans for additional pathways to the existing PATH on the 3rd underground floor, this is the best location that will allow direct access to all five subway stations and every convenience (entertainment, shopping, finance) in the surrounding area.

Not only is Ryerson University right next door, but the University of Toronto and OCAD University are also within easy walking distance.

Within a 10-minute walk, this is the most convenient and highly desirable location where you can access the largest 5 hospitals, department stores, shopping, universities, parks, and finance and cultural arts facilities in downtown.

This condo building, the tallest in Canada with 95 floors, is a mega-luxury mixed-use condo project with over 1,100 units, along with a huge retail plaza, offices, and the highest-end amenities, all located on the podium at the bottom.







This is a high-end investment condo that we highly recommend for families who desire to live in downtown or invest in downtown real estate.

High-rise condos with good facilities in the coveted Yonge/College area are unlikely to be available for some time in the future. Also, with occupancy slated for 2027 and registration scheduled for 2028-2029, the investment value will be very high.

This is a truly iconic condo that will bring great pride and joy to its owners!

We highly recommend it!








1.Location: Yonge / Gerrard(College)( 383 Yonge St )
2.Developer: Concord Adex
3.Scale: 95 floors, aproximately 1,106 units



Concord Sky – View the floor plan



#5906- 979,400 (423 sf, MODEL 006)


1 BED:

#2106- $1,143,400 (535 sf, MODEL 012)



#1001- $1,205,400 (609 sf, MODEL 112)


2+ DEN:

#1902- $1,999,900 (1,172 sf, MODEL 036)

#5903- $2,340,900 (1,213 sf, MODEL 038)


3 BED:

#2811- $1,963,900 (1,055 sf, MODEL 035)


3+ DEN:

#6810- $2,459,900 (1,335 sf, MODEL 066)



5. Parking: $180,000 (Available for purchase for EVs with 1,000 sq ft or more)

6. Locker: $18,000

7. Expected Occupancy: Summer 2026

8-1. Deposit and Installments (Residents – 20% prior to occupancy)
Deposit: 5%
100 days after contract signing: 5%
200 days after contract signing: 5%
400 days after contract signing: 5%
Upon occupancy: 5%
Upon registration: 75%

8-2. Deposit and Installments (Foreigners – 35% prior to occupancy)
Deposit: 10%
200 days after contract signing: 10%
400 days after contract signing: 15%
Upon registration: 65%




Panoramic sceanery!!











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