[10% Deposit – Including Parking] Toronto Eglington station “Y&S” Condo platinum pre-sale!! Yonge / Eglinton(Soudan) ( 2161 Yonge St )

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Y&S Condo!!


Right in front of the Eglington subway entrance!!

After the completion of the East-West subway line in 2022, the surrounding condo prices are expected to undergo another significant increase in value.

Eglington subway will be an ideal condition for various residents: families with university students and secondary school students who utilize downtown Eglington, residents of downtown Toronto including university students and working professionals, and other condo investments. The transportation, living environment, and school district will all provide optimal conditions for everyone.

(Tribute is known for its quality construction – Recently, Tribute condos in Toronto have been consecutively completed and have received excellent evaluations in terms of quality.)

Furthermore, the extraordinary incentives of 10% down payment and free parking will bring even greater effectiveness to investments.

Highly recommended! Please don’t hesitate and let us know right away.






To briefly explain the Eglington area again:

Once the ongoing construction of the East-West LRT subway line is completed in 2022, the Eglington subway station will become the undisputed central transfer station for the entire Toronto area, establishing itself as the definite core of the Greater Toronto Area.

In addition to transportation, it is traditionally known as the midtown central area, highly sought after for residential areas and the top-ranked school district in Toronto for children’s education.

Due to the high prices of residential properties in the midtown area, there has been a rapid shift in housing demand from houses to condos. Although there is already a considerable demand for condos in this area, the supply is still very limited.

With the subway, it is possible to commute to downtown Toronto, as well as the York and Vaughan regions, within 20-30 minutes. The existing shopping and cultural facilities are being renewed, expanded, and supplemented by new cultural and artistic facilities.

Commercial facilities being developed around the Eglington station and nearby LRT stations are transforming into a vast shopping complex, integrating both above-ground and underground shopping malls. Once completed in a certain period, it will become an area in Toronto with excellent living conveniences and well-established networks.







1.Location: Yonge / Eglinton(Soudan) ( 2161 Yonge St )
2.Developer: Tribute Inc
3.Number of floors: 36 floors

4.Details :


( If you click on the link below, you can see each detailed floor plan)

Y&S Floor plan – Floors 15-35
Y&S – Floor plan_ Floors 8-14
Y&S – Floor plan_ Penthouse

Y&S_Photos, Layout


4-1) Floors 15-35 (Price includes parking for 2+ bedrooms)

2-bedroom, 871 sq ft, SW, starting from $1,241,990, from the 17th floor
3-bedroom, 893 sq ft, SE, starting from $1,197,990, from the 19th floor

4-2) Floors 8-14 (Price includes parking)

2-bedroom, 895 sq ft, NE, starting from $1,108,990, from the 8th floor
2+den, 812 sq ft, S, starting from $1,104,990, from the 12th floor
2+den, 871 sq ft, S, 8th floor, starting from $1,133,990
3-bedroom, 919 sq ft, NW, starting from $1,216,990, from the 9th floor

4-3) Penthouse (Price includes parking)

3-bedroom, 1,027 sq ft, NE, $1,440,990
3-bedroom, 1,176 sq ft, SE, $1,550,990
3-bedroom, 1,226 sq ft, S, $1,640,990
3-bedroom, 1,173 sq ft, SW, $1,600,990
3-bedroom, 1,103 sq ft, NW, $1,500,990
3-bedroom, 1,224 sq ft, N, $1,590,990





5.Parking: 1 parking included (for 2+ bedrooms)

6.Estimated occupancy: Late 2023 or 2024

7.Maintenance fee: $0.59/sq ft

8.Deposit and interim payments (10% until occupancy)

Deposit: 5% (within 10 days after signing)
180 days after signing: 5%
Upon occupancy: 1%
Upon registration: 89%

9.Platinum Pre-sale Incentives

Development Levy Cap (1+den or smaller: $10,500, 2+ bedrooms: $16,300)

Meters Cap ($400+HST per (Sub) meter, $1,500+HST for residential infrastructure charge)

Responsibility for issuing mortgage pre-approval letter

















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