[10% Deposit] Vaughan subway station, “CG Tower” Condo Platinum pre-sale!! Highway7 / Jane

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We highly recommend the CG Tower condo in the current GTA market! With the following additional Platinum Special Incentives, you can maximize your investment:

Parking price: $50,000 ($15,000 discount from $65,000)
$20,000 Decor Credit (upgrade to interior materials)
10% interim payment until occupancy (reduced from 20%)
Assignment fee: $1,000 ($11,000 discount from $12,000)

We strongly recommend this for both living and investment purposes.







The “CG Tower” in the popular Metropolitan Centre area is currently being sold at a low price with amazing platinum incentives.

In addition, the spacious 900 sq ft 2-bedroom interior area is a generous size (over 200 sq ft larger than any other condo in the area), which will provide significant differentiation in the use and future value of the condo.

We highly recommend this opportunity for a substantial investment return. Please let us know immediately to secure a practical and significant investment effect.


In December 2018, the subway extension line in Toronto, “Vaughan,” was opened! Among them, the massive mixed-use development “Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC)” is currently under construction, centered around the “Metropolitan Centre” subway station.

The VMC is the only Toronto commuter area among the surrounding cities connected by the Toronto subway.

It is a transportation hub with easy access to various locations, such as five minutes to York University, 15 minutes to Yorkdale Mall, and 30 minutes to the University of Toronto via subway. It is also located adjacent to highways 400, 404, and the YRT central dedicated lane.





The VMC is not only a residential area but also a community facility that is connected to housing, and it is the center of business, finance, culture, and other industries, similar to downtown areas.


Within the VMC area, to the east, and close to the subway and Highway 7/Jane (2900 Highway 7, Vaughan), the Cortel Group is constructing the fifth building of the “Expo City” condominium complex, called “CG Tower,” which is currently being sold for the first time as a platinum pre-construction offering. The 61-story tower will be the tallest landmark in the Vaughan VMC area, and the condo facilities will boast the latest technology and luxury.

The VMC is a massive 442-acre land area, located around the “Metropolitan Centre” subway station, that is being developed as the core downtown area of Vaughan. It will have a combination of offices, commercial, residential, recreational areas, parks, and other lifestyle facilities.

Currently, this area is the most actively urbanizing among the suburban cities around Toronto, and as the subway terminus, it is receiving concentrated attention and investment from all investors. It is a two-minute walk from the Metropolitan Centre subway station, seven minutes to York University, 15 minutes to Yorkdale Mall, and 30 minutes to the University of Toronto and Ryerson University via subway.

“Edgeley Pond and Park” which is adjacent to the condo, will serve as the heart of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, providing a relaxed walking and biking experience upon completion. It will also become a landmark for Greenspace, which will play a significant role in the condo’s appreciation and value preservation.

Furthermore, the spacious 900 square feet (sf) two-bedroom interior area is a generous size that cannot be seen in any other nearby condos (over 200 sf difference), which will differentiate the condo’s value and usage.

We highly recommend living or investing in this area.







1. Location: Highway 7 / Jane
2. Developer: Cortel Group
3. Scale: The last 5th building of a 5-block complex, 61 floors

4. Features

2-minute walk to subway station, 5-minute subway ride to York University, 15-minute walk to Yorkdale Mall, 30-minute commute to the University of Toronto
Located at the center of the Metropolitan Centre, a 100-acre commercial, office, and residential development area
Adjacent to a huge park, 5-block complex
61-floor modern landmark, the tallest building in the area
Adjacent to the subway station on the east side of the Metropolitan Centre
Conveniently located near highways 400, 404, and HWY 7.


5. Sales information (same price for all floors until September 5)

CG Tower – Summary
CG Tower – Brochure

CG Tower – Floorplans


6. Parking: $50,000 (discounted from $65,000 to $15,500)

7. Occupancy: Summer 2023

8. Deposit and installment payments (10% before occupancy)
At the time of signing: $5,000
30 days after signing: 5% – (minus) the signing deposit ($5,000)
90 days after signing: 2.5%
180 days after signing: 2.5%
Upon occupancy: 2.5%
Upon registration: 87.5%

9. Platinum Special Benefits
Parking price: $50,000 (discounted from $65,000 to $15,000)
$20,000 Deco Credit (upgrade interior finishes up to $20,000)
10% deposit until occupancy (reduced from 20%)
Assignment fee: $1,000 (discounted from $12,000 to $11,000)
Rental allowed from occupancy to registration
Development charges capped








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