[Gaurantee for Sale] VMC – Vaughan subway station “Park Place” Condo Platinum pre-sale !! Highway7 / Commerce St ( Northeast Corner )

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VMC ( Vaughan Metropolitan Centre )!!

With the extension of the subway line connecting downtown Toronto (a direct 30-minute subway ride to the University of Toronto), Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) has become more popular than the outskirts of Toronto!

Starting with the Met, Expo 1,2,3,4, followed by Transit City 1,2,3,4,5, many people have become familiar with the area. The CG Tower, Festival, Grand Festival, Vincent, and Artwalk condos were also launched one after another.

Now, “Park Place” a condominium located in the most central area of VMC, with a very convenient location directly connected to all amenities and the central park, and very close to the VMC subway station, has begun platinum pre-sale.








Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) !!

VMC is the only area among the surrounding cities of Toronto that is within the Toronto metropolitan area, thanks to the subway extension to Toronto.
It takes 5 minutes to get to York University, 15 minutes to Yorkdale Mall, and 30 minutes to the University of Toronto via subway.
It is also a transportation hub, with the adjacent Highway 400, 404, and HWY 7 central bus lanes.
It is not only a residential area but also a community facility that is linked to residential areas and a center of business, finance, culture, and entrepreneurship with downtown functions.






“Vaughan Metropolitan Centre” is being developed as the core district of downtown Vaughan, with an organic combination of business, commercial, residential, entertainment, park, and other living facilities on a huge 442-acre land centered around the “Metropolitan Centre” subway station.

Currently, this area is undergoing the most active urbanization among the suburban cities of Toronto, and is an area where intensive attention and investment from all investors are concentrated as a subway terminal station outside the downtown core of Toronto.

The Metropolitan Centre subway station is very close, within a 5-minute walk, and commuting by subway is possible to York University in 7 minutes, Yorkdale Mall in 15 minutes, and downtown Toronto and Ryerson University in the 30-minute range.

Currently, “Park Place” condo, which is being built in the most central part of VMC, is expected to offer high-quality living and

high investment returns for residents.







1. Location: Highway 7 / Commerce St (northeast corner site)
2. Developer: Smart Living
3. Scale: Two towers, 56 floors and 48 floors

4. Sales information:



Park Place – view brochure


Park Place – South Tower floor plans 









Park Place – South Tower floor plans 



5. Parking: $70,000 (available for units larger than 789 sq.ft, waitlist for units smaller than that)

6. Occupancy: February 2027

7-1. Deposit and Installment Payments (for residents)
Upon signing: $10,000
30 days after signing: 5% – deposit ($10,000)
120 days after signing: 5%
400 days after signing: 5%
620 days after signing: 5%

7-2. Deposit and Installment Payments (for foreign buyers)
Upon signing: $10,000
30 days after signing: 10% – deposit ($10,000)
120 days after signing: 10%
400 days after signing: 10%
620 days after signing: 5%













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