[Downtown Recommendation] Platinum Pre-sale of “PRIME” Condo 1-Bed Unit in the heart of downtown Toronto !! Jarvis / Gerrard (319 Jarvis St )

[Recommendation]: Currently, all types of real estate, including townhouses, houses, and condominiums, in the entire Greater Toronto Area and small surrounding cities are rapidly rising in a competitive bidding format.
It is a well-known fact that once the prices of houses and townhouses are upgraded, as they have been, the prices of existing condos and condo pre-sales will also rise significantly, just like a few years ago.
Rather than buying existing real estate, which is uncertain and expensive due to the price explosion, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to purchase valuable and affordable condo pre-sales before their prices rise significantly, which can be predicted in advance.


*** As of the end of August, all units have been SOLD OUT – – – –



Prime Condo in the heart of downtown!!
The Hot List of available 1-Bed units for pre-sale has been released as (urgent) Platinum.

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1 Bedroom : 443-450sf, $674,990 – 717,990

#605, 443 sf, West, $674,990
#705, 443 sf, West, $675,990
#4305, 443 sf, West, $712,990
#4805, 443 sf, West, $716,990
#4905, 443 sf, West, $717,990

#4703, 450 sf, West, $713,990

Platinum pre-sale applications are currently being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested parties are requested to contact us immediately.






We are pleased to announce the Platinum pre-sale of the luxurious 45-story “Prime” condo, located 8-10 minutes’ walk from College and Dundas subway stations, in collaboration with Centrecourt, renowned for their quality construction.

Interested parties are advised to inform us promptly to secure their desired units. (Please note that the timing of the pre-sale application is crucial.)


Located in downtown Toronto, the condominium offers convenient access to Dundas subway station, Eaton Centre, Dundas Square, and College subway station, all within 8-10 minutes’ walking distance. Additionally, Ryerson University is just across the street, allowing for easy access to its campus facilities. The University of Toronto is located to the west, and George Brown College is also within a 15-30 minute walk to the south, making it a highly convenient location for commuting students.

Within a 25-minute walk, you can reach downtown’s largest hospitals, four specialty hospitals, department stores, shopping centers, universities, parks, as well as financial and cultural institutions, offering unparalleled convenience.


(Walkscore : 96/100, Transit Score : 100/100)




For families with children currently attending or planning to attend universities such as Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, and George Brown College in downtown, or for those looking for investment opportunities, this is an excellent chance. (In particular, the residence hall occupancy rate at Ryerson University is only 3% of the total student population of 43,000, so there is high demand for rentals among Ryerson students. With the concentration of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the nearby downtown core, and especially with BMO Bank’s “Urban Campus” awaiting occupancy near Dundas Station, an additional 3,500 jobs are expected, further increasing rental demand.)

Moreover, the surrounding areas of Church and Wellesley Village, Cabbagetown, and the Financial District, located in the bustling Garden District where 200,000 people work daily, have high demand for residential and rental properties.







Centrecourt, the construction company, has established a solid reputation for delivering high-quality projects such as Karma, INDX, Axis, Transit City, and 8 Wellesley, either through pre-sales or completions. Their condos are known for incorporating cutting-edge technology, including the use of digital smart locks like August Lock and automated parcel delivery systems.





As the pre-sale begins on a first-come, first-served basis, we encourage interested parties to review the information and notify us in advance to secure a desirable unit.

Don’t hesitate to contact the trusted Platinum Agent, Ian Kim, immediately to ensure you secure the unit you desire.

Act now and secure your unit in advance.







1. Location: Jarvis / Gerrard (319 Jarvis St)
2. Developer: CentreCourt Developments
3. Scale: 45 floors

4. Sales Details


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View PRIME Condos – Investment Brochure (Click)
View PRIME Brochure

View Prime Floor Plans

1 bedroom: 443-450sf, $674,990 – 717,990

#605, 443 sf, West, $674,990
#705, 443 sf, West, $675,990
#4305, 443 sf, West, $712,990
#4805, 443 sf, West, $716,990
#4905, 443 sf, West, $717,990

#4703, 450 sf, West, $713,990


5. Parking: $89,000 (Available for purchase with 2+ bedrooms, waitlist for other units)

6. Locker: Waitlist

7. Estimated Occupancy: 2024

8. Deposit and Interim Payments
At Signing: $10,000 (Bank Draft)
After 30 days of signing: 5% -(minus $10,000 from deposit)
November 1, 2021: 2.5%
February 1, 2022: 2.5%
July 1, 2022: 2.5%
January 1, 2023: 2.5%
July 1, 2023: 5%
Upon Occupancy: 0
Upon Registration: 80%

9. Platinum Incentives (Benefits)
Free Assignment
Development Charges and Levies Capped: 1 bed, 1+den $12,000, 2+ beds $17,000
Responsibility for issuing the required Mortgage Pre-Approval documentation upon contract signing

10. Representative Indoor Amenities


  • Lobby furnished with Versace
  • 24-Hour Concierge
  •  Two Guest Suites
  •  Smart Locker Storage System
  •  Over 10,000 sf of Indoor and Outdoor Amenities
    o PRIME Coworking (2nd Floor) – over 4,000 sf of indoor and outdoor space with quiet study pods,
    coworking spaces and private meeting rooms inspired by the work environments at Google and
    o PRIME Fitness (3rd Floor) – 6,500 sf indoor and outdoor facility with CrossFit, cardio, weight, training,
    yoga, boxing and more




North East View

North West View

South East View

South West view










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