[15% Deposit – Recommended] Platinum Pre-Sale of “Empire Quay House” in Toronto Downtown Waterfront !! Queens Quay E / Richardson St ( 162 Queens Quay East )

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It is a well-known fact that once the prices of houses and townhouses are upgraded, as they have been, the prices of existing condos and condo pre-sales will also rise significantly, just like a few years ago.
Rather than buying existing real estate, which is uncertain and expensive due to the price explosion, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to purchase valuable and affordable condo pre-sales before their prices rise significantly, which can be predicted in advance.



Waterfront !!

Queens Quay East !!


Waterfront, Queens Quay East area has been undergoing significant transformation over the past 6-7 years, combining existing lakeside parks, Sugar Beach, and green spaces into a new and changing landscape.

Aligned with the new Waterfront development plans, this area is being transformed into a vibrant and beautiful waterfront residential area, offering a serene and leisurely retreat from the bustling downtown.

Toronto’s vision for the Waterfront development as a “Technology Hub” will make this area the most beautiful and sought-after district in Toronto. Currently, prominent condo projects such as One Yonge (Pinnacle), Sugar Wharf (Menkes), Aqua (Tridel), Lighting House (Daniel), and Lake Side (Greenland) are under construction.

At the heart of this area, adjacent to the Lakeside condo, Empire Communities, known for luxury condo construction, has launched the Platinum pre-sale of “Empire Quay House,” a 21-story condo.

In front of this condo, there is the George Brown Waterfront Campus, and right next to it, the Waterfront Innovation Centre is under construction, preparing for the occupancy of numerous high-tech company headquarters.

We highly recommend becoming a beneficiary of the vibrant and completely transformed waterfront area, right in front of the Waterfront Innovation Centre, by securing a condo in this prime location.

Transportation in this area is highly convenient, with Union Subway, Go Train, buses, Gardiner Expressway, and streetcars (trams) providing excellent connectivity. Nearby, you’ll find St. Lawrence Market, Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre, Sony Centre, cultural and sports venues, ample waterfront parks, and water sports activities. Additionally, there are numerous parks, restaurants, pubs, and bars in close proximity, making this a beautiful and abundant community to live in.

Experience a sense of tranquility, abundance, and the investment potential of a 15% deposit in the “Empire Quay House” condo, which promises a romantic lakeside atmosphere. This is one of the last development sites in the Queens Quay East area of downtown Waterfront’s development plans.

(Don’t miss out on the investment potential, especially for those seeking lakeside investment or residency. We highly recommend securing a unit in this development.)






1. Location: Queens Quay E / Richardson St (162 Queens Quay East)

2. Developer: Empire Communities

3. Scale: 21 floors, 450 units

4. Sales Information


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View QH_1 Bedroom, 1-2 Bedroom Floor Plans
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Studio, 400 sq ft, starting from $588,990
1 Bedroom, 542-676 sq ft, starting from $763,990
1+ Den, 618 sq ft, starting from $819,990
2 Bedroom, 627-835 sq ft, starting from $818,990
2+ Den, 756-821 sq ft, starting from $988,990
3 Bedroom, 902-1,127 sq ft, starting from $1,116,990


5. Parking: $65,000+HST (available for purchase with 2+ bedroom units, discounted from $80,000)

6. Locker: Waitlist

7. Occupancy: January 18, 2024

8-1. Deposit and Interim Payments (15%, for residents and SIN holders)

Deposit: $10,000
30 days after signing: 5% – $10,000 (deposit)
180 days after signing: 5%
730 days after signing: 5%
Occupancy: 5%
Registration: 80%

8-2. Deposit and Interim Payments (30%, for non-residents)

Deposit: $10,000
30 days after signing: 5% – $10,000 (deposit)
60 days after signing: 5%
150 days after signing: 10%
540 days after signing: 10%
Occupancy: 5%
Registration: 65%

9. Platinum Incentives

Assignment Fee Waived (savings of $10,000)
Rent Allowed from Occupancy to Registration (savings of $5,000)
Parking**: $65,000 (Savings of $15,000)
Capped Development Charges
Responsible for providing mortgage pre-approval documents upon signing







Suite Terrace



Bar Lounge

Co Work

Party Room

Study Room






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