[Mississauga recommendation – 10% Down payment] The heart of Mississauga, “M City-1, 2, 3, 4″ condo platinum pre-sale Burnhamthorpe Rd / Confederation Pkwy

[Recommendation]: Currently, all types of real estate, including townhouses, houses, and condominiums, in the entire Greater Toronto Area and small surrounding cities are rapidly rising in a competitive bidding format.
It is a well-known fact that once the prices of houses and townhouses are upgraded, as they have been, the prices of existing condos and condo pre-sales will also rise significantly, just like a few years ago.
Rather than buying existing real estate, which is uncertain and expensive due to the price explosion, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to purchase valuable and affordable condo pre-sales before their prices rise significantly, which can be predicted in advance.





The 5th largest city in terms of population in Canada!
Mississauga, the technology hub in the western Greater Toronto Area!

With the construction of the North-South LRT, urban transportation has become more efficient.
Square One, the largest shopping mall in Ontario!
Mississauga is also an educational city with the University of Toronto Mississauga campus and Sheridan College Mississauga campus.

As part of the long-term downtown development plan in Mississauga, Rogers Developments Ltd. and Urban Capital are developing a massive condo park on a 15-acre site across from Square One, consisting of 10 condo buildings and 6,000 units over the next 10 years.


Starting with the initial pre-sale of M City Phase 1 in 2017, M2, M3, and M4 have been released for sale until this year.


For households that missed out on the previous pre-sales or those planning to invest or reside in the area, this is a great opportunity.






Mississauga, a planned city in the western hub of the Greater Toronto Area, is approaching a population of one million!!

Recently, Mississauga has shown rapid growth and has made its mark in real estate transactions and price appreciation in the Greater Toronto Area.

With the completion of the North-South LRT in 2024, over 50 high-rise condos are set to be built in and around the Square One shopping mall area over the next 10-20 years, declaring a complete transformation into a futuristic new city. We recommend considering investments in Mississauga, as this transformation is underway.






Mississauga boasts the convenience of Square One shopping mall, the GO Bus terminal, City Hall, libraries, art centers, YMCA, restaurants, theaters, parks, schools, and Sheridan College Mississauga Campus. It can rightfully be called the downtown core of Mississauga, providing all the necessary facilities for daily life.

In particular, with Sheridan College located right across from Square One, the demand not only from professionals but also from university students has increased, further highlighting the significant advantages for investments.

It is one of the top areas and condos for investment in the Greater Toronto Area.




Check out the construction progress video of M City.





1. Location: Burnhamthorpe Rd / Confederation Pkwy

2. Developers: “Rogers Developments Ltd” and “Urban Capital”

3. Phases: Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4

4. Sales Details:  Click on the links below to view pricing and floor plans..

M1 – Price List, Floor Plans

M2 – Price List, Floor Plans

M3 – Price List, Floor Plans

M4 – Price List, Floor Plans 


5. Parking: $50,000

6. Locker: $5,000

7. Occupancy Schedule:

M1, M2: Spring/Summer 2022
M3: Fall 2023
M4: January 25, 2027

8. Deposit and Interim Payments

8-1) M1, M2 (Resident, SIN Holder)

Deposit: $5,000
30 days after signing: 5% (minus) $5,000 (deposit)
March 31, 2022: 5%
Occupancy: 0
Registration: 90%

8-2) M1, M2 (Foreigner)

Deposit: $5,000
30 days after signing: 10% (minus) $5,000 (deposit)
180 days after signing: 10%
Occupancy: 15%
Registration: 65%

8-3) M3, M4 (Resident, SIN Holder)

Deposit: $5,000
30 days after signing: 5% (minus) $5,000 (deposit)
240 days after signing: 5%
470 days after signing: 5%
Occupancy: 5%
Registration: 80%

8-4) M3, M4 (Foreigner)

Deposit: $5,000
30 days after signing: 10% (minus) $5,000 (deposit)
90 days after signing: 5%
370 days after signing: 5%
Occupancy: 5%
Registration: 65%

9. Platinum Incentives

Free Assignment Fee ($500 Admin Fee)

Development Levies: $10,000 for 1+Den or smaller units, $12,000 for 2-bedroom or larger units

ROGERS Ignite Gigabit Internet: $30+HST/month

Smart Home Monitoring (Basic): $9.99+HST/month

Responsible for providing necessary mortgage pre-approval documents at the time of signing the contract.


























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