[5% Deposit] Toronto Downtown Lakefront Center “Sugar Wharf” – Platinum Final Sale!! Lakeshore / Cooper ( Yonge ) ( 95 lakeshore Blvd E )

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After a long time, the Sugar Wharf Condo in downtown Toronto on the waterfront is available for sale again!

Menkes, the #1 name in high-quality modern construction!

With a goal to start moving in the first half of next year, the Sugar Wharf Condo, which is currently under construction with high-quality standards, is now offering the last Platinum sale of the developer-owned units with a 5% deposit before moving in.

  • A high-end Menkes condo that is receiving the highest praise right now, even more than the “Harbour Plaza”!!
  • An “Indoor Path” that allows easy access to Union Station without getting cold in the winter or hot in the summer!!
  • The Path connects to the subway, enabling commutes of less than 20 minutes to universities and workplaces in downtown Toronto!!
  • A large-scale mixed-use complex of six buildings with a community that includes a large park and an elementary school!!
  • A high-quality location that offers a beautiful lake view, lake park, and pier for relaxation, exercise, and leisure activities!!
  • To the north, the Financial District, where 200,000 professionals work, and to the east, the technology hub “Smart City,” which raises the value of condos without limit!!

Sugar Wharf, a high-rise condo on the waterfront in downtown Toronto, which was extremely popular, thanks to its location in the downtown core and the connection to the subway station and pedestrian path.

We know that many families are waiting for the sale of the third Sugar Wharf condo scheduled for next year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to select excellent units that are much cheaper than the third condo’s sale price.

Platinum Incentive:

  • 5% deposit before move-in!
  • Development fee waived ($12,500-$16,800 save)
  • Free installation of premium blinds ($5,000 value)
  • 1 free locker ($6,000 value)
  • Free assignment fee (Reg: $5,000)
  • Rent allowed until registration after move-in
  • PATH connections




This will be the last chance to become an owner of Sugar Wharf.






Around the downtown waterfront, there is a lake view for exercise and relaxation. This is the new downtown living dream.

Until now, many people wanted to live or invest in the downtown waterfront, but the biggest obstacle was transportation, especially the problem of connecting with the subway and the city center. This made it difficult to easily pursue living or investment.

However, a few years ago, “Menkes,” a leading construction company in Canada that is on par with Tridel, launched its “Harbour Plaza” (1 York St) condo, which was the first to connect the condo to nearby facilities such as the Union Station and Air Canada Centre through a glass-enclosed “indoor Path.” This made it easy to use the subway on foot and quickly move to the city center in all four seasons, and the value of the condo has risen significantly more than other condos.

Furthermore, the “Harbour Plaza” condo is Menkes’ masterpiece, with high-quality indoor and outdoor finishes and construction that is highly differentiated from any other condo in the area. It is Menkes’ most proud condo, and the residents who actually live there are proud of it and it has a reputation as the most satisfying condo.

Similarly, Menkes has now begun the platinum pre-sale of the “Sugar Wharf” condo complex, which includes five condo towers, one office tower, and a large park, as well as an elementary school, on a vast 12-acre site just east of Yonge/Lakeshore, where there is currently an LCBO and a large parking lot.

The complex is divided into four sectors: a large urban park in the southwest, a 25-story office tower (including the LCBO headquarters) in the southeast, and two condo towers (64 floors and 70 floors) with 1,500 units in the northeast that are being sold in the first phase, and three additional condo towers and an elementary school that will be built in the northwest in the second phase.

As I mentioned, the indoor Path is connected to the Sugar Wharf, which allows easy access to Union Station and the Financial District within a 10-minute walk. George Brown College, St. Lawrence Market, Loblaws, and the Toronto Island Ferry Terminal are all within walking distance, and the University of Toronto and Ryerson University are both within a 20-minute subway ride. (The Path connection is the last one at Sugar Wharf.)

In front of the condo, there are 24-hour streetcar and TTC routes that provide easy access to all surrounding facilities, and the Gardiner Expressway in front of it is a transportation hub that allows easy access to anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area.

The new job opportunities in the Financial District above and the 40,000 waterfront commercial and residential complex below will create an infinite demand for a large-scale mixed-use development. The “Smart City” demand from Google to the east is also waiting, making the value of this real estate development unlimited.

This is Menkes’ high-quality condo project that exceeds the currently highly praised “Harbour Plaza”!

There is an indoor PATH that can easily reach Union Station without being too cold in winter or too hot in summer. The PATH connects to the subway, allowing for commuting or going to university within 20 minutes. This large community with six buildings and a large park and elementary school is located in a high-quality location with a beautiful view of the lake and a park, as well as a marina for relaxation, exercise, and leisure.

To those who want to live by the downtown lakefront or invest in condo pre-sales, we highly recommend this top condo development project.

In particular, the downtown east lakefront condo pre-sales project is being finalized, and there are almost no new projects on the lakefront other than Smart City related sites, Tridel Acualuna, and new buildings in existing condo developments.

Not only will the pre-sale price increase every year, but development charges will also increase by almost double in the second half of this year and next year.

Please note that the application date and time for pre-sales are crucial in obtaining a pre-sale unit allocation. Please review and let us know as soon as possible.







1. Location: Lakeshore / Cooper (Yonge) (95 Lakeshore Blvd E)
2. Builder: Menkes Developments
3. Scale: 1st phase of a total of 5 condo buildings, consisting of 2 towers (64 and 70 stories)

4. Sales information (West, East Tower)


(Click) You can view detailed information such as floor plans and brochures by clicking the blue link below.

View Sugar Wharf – Residences Brochure
View Sugar Wharf – Community Brochure


Sales Information (West, East Tower)



View Sugar Wharf – Floor Plans



5. Parking: $105,000 (1 parking spot included in the purchase price for 3-bedroom units)

6. Locker: 1 locker included for all units

7. Occupancy: Scheduled to begin in March 2023

8-1. Deposit and installment payment (identical for residents and foreigners until move-in, 5% each)
Deposit: $10,000 (Bank Draft)
30 days after the signing of the Agreement: 2.5% – $10,000 (deposit)
180 days after the signing of the Agreement: 2.5%
Upon occupancy: 10%
Upon registration: 85%

8-2. Deposit and installment payment (foreigners)
Deposit: $10,000 (Bank Draft)
30 days after the signing of the Agreement: 2.5% – $10,000 (deposit)
180 days after the signing of the Agreement: 2.5%
Upon occupancy: 10%
Upon registration: 85%

9. Platinum Incentive
5% deposit before move-in!!
Development charges waived ($12,500 – $16,800 Save)

– Free installation of high-end blinds ($5,000 value)
– 1 free locker ($6,000 value)
– Free Assignment fee (Reg: $5,000)
– Rent allowed until registration after move-in
– PATH Connections– Free installation of high-end blinds ($5,000 value) – 1 free locker ($6,000 value) – Free Assignment fee (Reg: $5,000) – Rent allowed until registration after move-in – PATH Connections
We will take responsibility for issuing and providing the necessary mortgage pre-approval documents upon contract signing













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